A r m  C h a i r s S i d e  C h a i r s Y o u t h  C h a i r s S e t t e e s T a b l e s D e t a i l s H O M E
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Windsor Arm Chairs by Vermont Chairmaker Michael W. Tulloch
All Chairs Made According to Accurate Traditional Windsor Chairmaking Methods Dating Back to 1700's Colonial America
All Parts Made To Order in My Workshop.
Turned Parts Made from Local Vermont Hard Woods I Select Myself.
Seats Made from Single Pieces of Wood.
Non-Lathed Parts and Assembly Entirely Made and Assembled by Hand.
Standard Color and Finish: Three Coats of Old Fashioned Milk Paint, Three Coats of Hand-Rubbed Linseed Based Oil Finish. Custom Finishes Available. Click here for Color Chart.
Custom Detailing Available. Click here for Detail Samples.
  Free Delivery Within a 50 Mile Radius of Chelsea, VT.

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Balloon Back Side Chair

Bow Back Side Chair

Comb Back Side Chair

Balloon Back Side Chair: Lightest of them all, this chair has some flex and is very comfortable for itâ??s size. Recommended in a set with the Continuous Arm or the Sack Back. I use this chair for when I play guitar, it's great for sittin and pickin. Easy to carry around and comfortable for hours. A little heavyer in proportion than the Balloon back, this is a sturdy classic side chair that goes well in a set with the Continuos Arm or the Sack back. Complimentary in a set to any of the Comb back arm chairs,this side chair is light and strong with itís two bracing spindles. A chair not commonly seen today.
Fan Back Side Chair

Bamboo Comb Back Side Chair

Differs from the Comb back in that it has two turned stiles flanking the spindles of the back. This chair is unbraced and sets well with any pair of Comb back or Fan back arm chairs. Great as a desk chair. A simple light Windsor side chair. Very comfortable at the kitchen table. Combines nicely in a set with the Massachusettes High Back.
Stay Tuned.
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A r m  C h a i r s S i d e  C h a i r s Y o u t h  C h a i r s S e t t e e s T a b l e s D e t a i l s H O M E

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