A r m  C h a i r s S i d e  C h a i r s Y o u t h  C h a i r s S e t t e e s T a b l e s D e t a i l s H O M E
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Windsor Settees by Vermont Chairmaker Michael W. Tulloch
All Settees Made According to Accurate Traditional Windsor Chairmaking Methods Dating Back to 1700's Colonial America
All Parts Made To Order in My Workshop.
Turned Parts Made from Local Vermont Hard Woods I Select Myself.
Non-Lathed Parts and Assembly Entirely Made and Assembled by Hand.
Standard Color and Finish: Three Coats of Old Fashioned Milk Paint, Three Coats of Hand-Rubbed Linseed Based Oil Finish. Custom Finishes Available.Click here for Color Chart.
Custom Detailing Available. Click here for Detail Samples.
  Free Delivery Within a 50 Mile Radius of Chelsea, VT.

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Windsor Double Bow Settee

Windsor Sack Back Settee

A rare style form, this Settee with it's heavier arm and carved hands shares little stylistically with the Sack Back Settee. Antiqued in Black over Red milk paint, this Windsor bench has a strong presence in any room. Nice in a set of three with two Sack Back chairs.

The first Windsor settees were made in Philadelphia in the 1750s. This settee is for two people, sometimes called a love seat. It is an elongated version of the Sack back chair. Just under 4 feet long, this Windsor bench is useful in hallways, front entries and on porches. 6 and 8 foot lengths available.

Pictured Finish: Antiqued in Red over Mustard milk paint

Windsor Triple Bow Settee

Windsor Low Back Settee


The Triple Bow Windsor Settee ia a rare pattern, and one of the exceptional styles of the Windsor form.It combines well with the Sack Back chair,and comfortably seats 4 people.

This example,produced around 1790 was not made in great numbers,and I find this is also true today. Handmade from 3 different woods commonly used in the 18th century. The seat is of Basswood, the legs and stretchers are Hard Maple, and the spindles are of Ash.

Picture Finish is Black Milk paint with oil top coats.

Specs: 7'3" total length, 38. height,
24" depth, 17 1⁄2" seat height.

The Low Back style shows up early in Philadelphia Windsor Chair production (1750). A strong chair, always with a 3 piece sawn arm, works well in residential and public buildings.

Pictured here a 5ft. settee with carved hands.

1830 Baltimore Settee


Fancy, tablet top Windsor Settee. Windsor form meets the Empire style with extraordinary results. Hand painted true to period, great for a residential front entry or commerical waiting room.
Stay Tuned.
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A r m  C h a i r s S i d e  C h a i r s Y o u t h  C h a i r s S e t t e e s T a b l e s D e t a i l s H O M E

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