A r m  C h a i r s S i d e  C h a i r s Y o u t h  C h a i r s S e t t e e s T a b l e s D e t a i l s H O M E
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Profile of Windsor Chairmaker Michael W. Tulloch

I own and work out of a small shop in Chelsea, Vermont. I make and sell traditional style hand made Windsor chairs. Through the influence of the master chairmakers I've studied with in the past, I've gained a deep passion for the craft of Windsor chairmaking and from this passion, the desire to produce accurate, beautiful and enduring Windsor chairs.

American made Windsor chairs have been with us now since the early 1700s.As the population and demand grew, Windsor chairmaking moved toward mass production, from bench made in small shops, to the factories we see today.

My interest lies in the way these chairs were made when the first chairmakers of this country were establishing themselves in Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

It is important to note that I make the whole chair, from selecting and cutting the tree, to applying the final coat of finish. All my chairs begin with a walk in the woods, and it is sometimes possible,location permitting, to make a chair from a special tree on the clients property.

I prefer Ash for the spindles and bendings,Basswood for the seat,but sometimes substitute with other appropriate woods,such as Red Oak for bendings and Poplar or Eastern White Pine for the seat.Except for the power lathe, my chairs are entirely made with hand tools, very much like those the 18th and 19th century makers used.

My standard finish is 3 coats of Milk paint under 3 coats of a hand rubbed clear top /sealer coat , but I am open minded and willing to discuss variations on woods used and desired finishes.

I do offer free delivery within a 50 mile radius of Chelsea,my chairs are warranted against any problems attributable to my work.

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A r m  C h a i r s S i d e  C h a i r s Y o u t h  C h a i r s S e t t e e s T a b l e s D e t a i l s H O M E

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