M. W. Tulloch Windsor Chairmaker

Fine 18th Century Seating Furniture

Chelsea Vt.

Specializing in...
Hand-crafting a variety of styles of Windsor chairs and furniture.
Repairs and restoration of hand-made Windsor-period furniture.
Providing parts to professional Windsor chairmakers and hobbyists.
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Now Teaching Beginner and Advanced Classes in Chelsea, VT. Click for more information.

A r m  C h a i r s S i d e  C h a i r s Y o u t h  C h a i r s S e t t e e s T a b l e s D e t a i l s H O M E

Welcome to rakeandsplay.com
The official website of Vermont Windsor chairmaker Michael W. Tulloch.

To Contact Michael W. Tulloch, please call (802) 685-2230 or Email  rakeandsplay@gmail.com
Rake and Splay are chairmakers terms.
They refer to the angles that the legs take as they are assembled while making a chair.
Splay: the angles while looking at the chair from the front,
Rake: the leg angle seen fron the side of the chair.

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